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We are the State Organisation with responsibility for funding, planning and co-ordinating Further Education and Training (FET) in Ireland.

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Established in 2013 under the Further Education and Training Act​​​ we are an agency of the Department of Education and Skills and are governed by a Board​. We have been tasked with building the identity and values of a world-class, integrated FET sector that is responsive to the needs of learners and the requirements of a changed and changing economy. SOLAS also manages the National Apprenticeship system , EGF eCollege, Safepass a​nd the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.​​​​​

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Our mission is to fund, co-ordinate and monitor a range of FET provision to ensure economic and social wellbeing and to play our part in progressing, influencing and supporting the development of a FET sector that is more responsive to the needs of learners and employers, is innovative, flexible and demand-led.


Our Vision is to achieve a well-recognised FET sector, valued for its quality and for delivery of education, training and skills that enables learners to succeed in the labour market and thrive in society.​​​

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​core principles

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​In order to realise the vision and the mission of SOLAS, the following core principles underpin SOLAS' activities.

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Ensuring there is robust intelligence to inform the planning, funding and design of new and existing FET provision


Focusing on adding value by fostering collaboration across the FET sector, sharing learning and empowering delivery organisations

Responsible & Flexible

Promoting innovation and the funding of provision that meets identified needs

Outward-Looking & Learning-Centered

Being open to new ideas, proactive in seeking out evidence of 'what works' in FET and ensuring that the learner experience is at the centre of decision-making

Focused on Excellence

Maintaining a central focus on standards and quality in FET, including excellence in programme development and the on-going professional development of the FET workforce

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​Our ambition is to be:

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Leading voice
for Further Education and Training in Ireland
Leading hub
of labour market intelligence in Ireland
Best practice
in corporate governance and excellence in everything we do
Positive impact
on individuals, communities and businesses
Client - Centred
outward facing and client-centred

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SOLAS has a dedicated team of over 200 staff with a range of skills and specialisms working across 10 divisions. Conor Dunne was appointed acting CEO in October 2018.

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